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As stated in Article 2, Section 1 of the FLAA bylaws, “The purpose of the Freetown Lakeville Athletic Association shall be to promote, organize, administer and fund athletic programs within the community. The objective of the FLAA is develop and promote in the children of the communities of Freetown and Lakeville the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. The FLAA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers whose mission is to provide an opportunity for the children of Freetown and Lakeville to learn the game of baseball in a safe and friendly environment. The FLAA shall supervise competitive play in these mediums while promoting a spirit of cooperation and team play.”  To this aim, the FLAA has assigned and adopted the following code of ethics:

  1.  The FLAA shall pursue equality of treatment as relates to all aspects of athletic programs amongst all participants.  This treatment shall be race and gender blind, and attend solely to the athletic pursuit of all participants of all ages.

  2. All members of teams, all coaches, all representatives and all participants of the FLAA and its events must represent themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship and fairness, civility and teamwork, support and the spirit of volunteerism.

  3. All adult participants in FLAA events must represent themselves with behavior that should serve as a sound example to the youth of Freetown and Lakeville.  Specifically, see Article X, Section 2.

  4. All coaches shall pursue high personal standards of performance from themselves and from participants demonstrating the highest quality of play possible through a combination of competition, practice, education and sportsmanship.  Excellence in performance should be recognized without bias and without exception.


The following disciplinary code will be fully enforced:

  1.  Participants shall refrain from the use of alcohol and illegal substances prior to or during any FLAA athletic event.

  2. Participants shall refrain from profane and vulgar language or discussion during any FLAA event.  Taunting of any participant during, prior to or following any FLAA event is forbidden.

  3. No coach or participant shall discipline by the use of physical contact, any player or other participant in any FLAA event.

  4. Tobacco products will be prohibited on all playing fields or in the sporting arenas during practices or games.

  5. No participant shall steal, destroy or deface any FLAA property in any way that falls outside of what can be reasonably expected during appropriate competition.

  6. The use of FLAA resources, including monies, shall not be utilized for any purpose other than for those expenditures approved by the FLAA, its charter, its votes or assignments.

The code is intended to serve as a guideline and shall not limit the FLAA in any way in further defining disciplinary violations and expectations, or in limiting the manner by which it institutes its code.


All players, players’ parents and/or guardians, and FLAA members are held responsible for knowing and obeying the contents of the Code of Conduct.  Each player and parent/guardian is required to acknowledge and digitally sign this agreement as part of the registration process.

Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a warning from the league.  A second infraction will result in suspension from the league for one full year from the date of infraction. 

 Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to, acts or behaviors such as:

  • Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official or other persons involved in the game or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment.

  • Using profane or inappropriate language or obscene gestures.

  • Baiting or taunting an opponent.

  • Violent contact such as striking, kicking, kneeing, etc.


The Board of Directors has the power to dismiss, suspend or reprimand any coach or player.

  1. Grounds for dismissal or discipline shall be any action considered to be detrimental to the operation of the League or contrary to the philosophy, objectives or code of ethics of the FLAA.

  2. Prior to a hearing being called, a formal written complaint must be submitted to the President of the FLAA.

  1. The President of the FLAA shall serve as chairman of the hearing.

  2. No participant may speak unless formally recognized by the hearing chairman.

  3. All FLAA participants agree to conduct themselves during the hearing by Roberts Rules of Order.

  4. At the close of the hearing, the involved parties will be dismissed from the hearing room, and the FLAA’s Board of Directors will go into executive session.

  5. The first decision to simply take or not take action will be based upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.  The subsequent determination, if the decision is to take action, of what action shall be taken shall be based upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote.

  6. All parties will be informed of the findings within three (3) calendar days or as soon as is reasonably possible.  Until issuance of the findings, any temporary measures taken by the FLAA President shall continue in the interim.  The findings will be communicated by the FLAA President.

  1. A formal written complaint brought to the attention of the President shall be aired at a hearing of involved parties with the Board of Directors.  However, the President shall have the power to issue a temporary suspension until the hearing.  During this suspension, a suspended coach may not perform any of his/her duties as a coach and will not contact any of his/her players.  A suspended player may not participate in any FLAA event during this period.

  1. The hearing will be called by the President and scheduled with seven (7) days of charges being presented.


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