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The Freetown-Lakeville Athletic Association


Freetown Lakeville Athletic Association





On behalf of the Freetown Lakeville Athletic Association, it is my honor to welcome you to the 2021 Cal Ripken 8-year old Regional Tournament.  We are very excited to have you as our guest for a great week of baseball.  Earning a spot in this tournament is a testament to your dedication and your love for the game of baseball.

I think you will find our facilities very accommodating and our complex fan-friendly.  It’s very important to us that you enjoy your time here in Freetown.  Please don’t hesitate to ask a volunteer for help.  We are here to make this memorable experience for both the players and their families.  The boys will provide the excitement on the field, allowing us to take care of the rest.

Welcome coaches and congratulations to all teams advancing to the 8-year old Regional Tournament.  We welcome you to Freetown.  Our board members hope to make you feel comfortable and welcomed during your stay with us.  We hope you find our hospitality inviting to you and your families.  I want to personally welcome you and let you know that I will be available throughout the tournament to help with your needs.  We have a wonderful tournament plan to help accommodate all of your team's needs while here at the State Championship.

In closing, I would like to thank Cal Ripken Baseball for bestowing upon us the honor of hosting this Regional Tournament.  In particular, special thanks goes out to Larry Carter, Cal Ripken Tournament Director, for his guidance, support, and dedication.

Good luck to all of the teams!


Best Regards,

Deborah Flaherty

FLAA Site Manager




Cal Ripken Tournament Director: Larry Carter
Cell Phone: 207-531-0187


Site Director: Deborah Flaherty   
Cell Phone:508-414-2038  


Host Manager: Brian Pereira
Cell Phone: 774-930-6151



Please send the following items electronically to Deborah Flaherty at


This information is needed in electronic format no later than July 11th, 2021.  Please put “8U Regional Cal Ripken Tournament” in the subject line of your email.


NOTE: These items do not take place of the information that will need to be included with your official tournament documents that will be part of your tournament book.


  • Team Name

  • Manager’s name, email address, and cell phone number

  • Assistant coaches names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers

  • Team Roster & Photo – One 5”x7” or 8”x10” team photograph with player identification of all players and coaches, the file should be jpeg.

  • Team roster, including uniform numbers, player identification and phonetic pronunciation of each coach and each player’s name (i.e. Dundee: done-dee)

  • List of players that will participate in the skills competition, see detailed descriptions of these events.

  • Skills Competitions:

Roadrunner - 4 players from each team 

Around the Horn - 4 players from each team 

Golden Arm - 3 Players Each Team 

Homerun Derby-1 player from each team

No player can partake in more than one event.  If a team has more than 12 players the additional players can be added to Golden Arm.






Host Hotel

Holiday Inn Express (20 room block available for July 16th-24th)

360 Airport Rd.

Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 672-0011

Jaime LaCroix


Riverview Inn and Suites

1878 Wilbur Ave.
Somerset, MA

Email directly  

Other Hotels in the area


Hampton Inn Westport                                                           Seaport Inn and Marina

53 Old Bedford Rd.                                                                 110 Middle St.

Westport, MA 02790                                                              Fairhaven, MA

855-516-1090                                                                          508-997-1281



Holiday Inn Express and Suites Swansea                                Residence Inn by Marriot

1400G.A. R. Highway, Route 6                                                181 Faunce Corner Rd.

Swansea MA 02777                                                                Dartmouth, MA

844-209-2017                                                                          508-984-5858


Hampton Inn Raynham                                                           Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites

600 New State Highway                                                         43 Harding St.

Raynham, MA                                                                         Middleborough, MA

508-822-6222                                                                          508-946-3398 



We strongly encourage any teams that need accommodations to make reservations as soon as they receive this package.




2021 8-Year-Old Cal Ripken Regional Tournament

Opening Day Schedule

Freetown Little Fenway Complex

39 Memorial Drive Freetown, MA

Friday, July 16, 2021


All coaches and players must be in full uniform

(baseball pants & team jersey with Cal Ripken patch)


By 3pm                     Teams Report


3:30pm                     Orientation/Coaches Meeting (at the bleachers at Little Fenway Field)

4:00 pm                    Player / Coaches Welcome Dinner (across the street at Freetown Elementary School cafeteria)

                                  Full Concession Stand Open for Families and Guests


5pm-5:30pm           Opening Ceremony

  1. Parade & Team Introductions
  2. National Anthem
  3. First Pitch


5:45pm-7:15pm     Skills Competition


Teams dismissed after skills




There will be a mandatory manager meeting with the Cal Ripken Tournament Director.  Tournament credential binders MUST be provided at this meeting.  These Binders must contain the following documents pursuant to section 11.04 of the Cal Ripken Rule Book

  1. Babe Ruth League issued Player Cards or Birth Cert
  2. Certificate of Coverage of League’s Group Accident Insurance Policy
  3. Certificate of Coverage of League’s Commercial General Liability Insurance
  4. Official Team Roster certified and signed by League President
  5. Letter of Tournament Eligibility Form, (Regional Only)
  6. Consent for Treatment Forms
  7. Color Team photo with the Identification on separate sheet.
  8. Coaching Certification I.D. card or certificate for all rostered coaches.

Credential binders will be then held by the Tournament Director and returned after your team is eliminated from competition or wins the Tournament

We ask that each team bring their state flag (3’x5’) and present it at check-in so that we can recognize each state represented in our Tournament



One player, as agreed upon by the team managers, on both the winning and losing team of each game will receive a Player of the Game Award Pin.


Tournament substitution and pitching rules shall apply.  Please announce all substitutions and player re-entries to the Official Scorer ahead of time located behind home plate.  All pitching changes must be given to the Official Scorer and Umpire as well as soon as changes are made.  The Official Scorer’s pitching log will govern for Tournament eligibility.  We highly recommend all teams verify their pitching log with the Official Scorer upon the conclusion of each game with a Tournament Official or the Official Scorer, and ask Managers to sign the Official Scorebook.


Babe Ruth League / Cal Ripken Tournament rules require ALL Players and Coaches to be in uniforms with no duplicate jersey numbers.  Uniforms must also have Cal Ripken Patches affixed to them.  Coaches must be in baseball pants matching their uniforms and have numbered jersey and matching hat.


ALL PERSONNEL warming up a pitcher MUST wear proper headgear! This includes on and off the field, and includes everyone, Players, Managers, Coaches, and Parents. NO EXCEPTIONS.



Each team is asked to bring two Rawlings RCAL baseballs. Home run balls, along with an award pin will be handed out at the conclusion of game.


All tournament games shall be 6 innings in length, except when shortened by the mercy rule or extended by extra innings.  In case of inclement weather, the game shall be suspended at the time of stoppage and completed at the first available moment as designated by Tournament officials.



The use of a “batboy” is allowed and that player must have a helmet on at all times, regardless of the age of the bat boy/girl. He/ she must also be wearing a baseball uniform.



The HOST shall provide an official scorekeeper.  This scorekeeper shall also be the official scorekeeper and keep track of all pitching.  Each manager must sign off on the pitching after each game.  All substitutions shall be made to the official scorekeeper.



Home Team is designated on each position of bracket.  Home Team shall use the 1st base dugout.  All teams are requested to make sure to clean their respective dugouts prior to leaving.



The complex has 2 batting cages behind the Fenway Green Monster.  Batting schedule is at the bottom of the playing schedule. 

Teams must report to their dugouts on the field 30 minutes prior to the game.  Home team will get 10 minutes on field prior to the start of the game, and then the Visitors will also get 10 minutes.  10 minutes prior to the game all teams shall be warmed be warmed up and in their respective dugouts ready for introductions.



Lineup cards (please use the form provided for this Tournament) complete with players first name, last name and uniform#, should be turned into the Official Scorer at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.



There are designated on-deck circles inside the dugouts of both fields, which will be pointed out by the umpires prior to the game.  Only 1 player may be in the on-deck area at any time.



Be sure to bring umpire fees of $70 per game, per team.  Two umpires per game.



Each Team will provide (1) person per game, if required, to serve on the Protest Committee.  The Manager shall advise the Protest Committee Chairman of his designate 10 minutes prior to the start of each game.  Protests must be lodged at the time of the disputed rule interpretation and will be decided at the time of the protest, not after the game.  As a clarification, judgement calls cannot be protested.





NE Regional 8 Year Old Tournament Rules

MA State Tournament 8 year old Rules

Revised and effective January 2019


Minimum Roster Size of 12 Players, Maximum of 15 Players

Age Determination: All players must be age level 8 year old according to 2018 Birth Chart on page 8 of the 2018 Babe Ruth Leagues Rule Book and be a rostered player on a local league team.

• Pitching:

  • Kid Pitch. One pitch in an inning equals one inning. No thirds of an inning allowed.
  • Pitching distance 46 feet
  • Note: Babe Ruth Leagues Rule Book, page 27 Rule 4.a
    • A League Age 7-8 – No pitcher is allowed to pitch in more than two innings per game, with a pitcher not being permitted to pitch in more than three (3) consecutive days/games (including double headers if applicable). If a pitcher pitches in 3 consecutive days/games (6 innings max), the pitcher is required a day’s rest. The two innings per game would reset after a day’s rest.

Clarification of 8 Year Old Pitching Rule: Our pitching rule as written in the 2018 NE Regional 8 Year Old Tournament Rules did not clarify limitations regarding doubleheaders for innings pitched per game, only for consecutive games pitched. After discussions between the NE Region Rules Committee members we are amending the 2 innings maximum per game to include doubleheaders played on the same day. Therefore, a pitcher can pitch 2 innings per game of a doubleheader played on the same day equaling a total of 4 innings for a doubleheader.

  • 9 man defensive line up • Walks will be called but will be capped at a maximum of 4 per inning, per pitcher. If a pitcher walks four batters in the same inning he must be removed as a pitcher for the remainder of that inning but he can re-enter as a pitcher in later innings if he has not been removed by rule (2nd trip to the mound in same inning or has reached the maximum innings pitched per day/game).
  • No intentional walks • A Hit Batsman is not considered a walk
  • Continuous Batting Order • Time Limit – No new inning starting after two and a half hours from the time of first pitch of the game. • 6 Innings with 10 Run Rule in effect.
  • Maximum of 5 Runs per inning for innings 1 through 5. The 6th inning is an all you can get inning.
  • No Infield Fly Rule • Bunting allowed but No Slash Bunting.
  • Stealing is allowed but is limited to one base per play, no early leaves – see Rule Book! If runners are on 1st or 2nd base they are allowed to steal one base – if an attempt is made by the catcher to throw a runner out either at 2nd or 3rd runners are not allowed to advance further on an overthrow to either base. If there are runners on 3rd and 1st , only 1st base runner can attempt to steal and the runner on 3rd remains locked down on an attempted throw down to 2nd by catcher.
  • On catcher throw back to pitcher, with men on either 1st or 2nd and no one on 3rd, the ball is live and runners may advance at their own risk. If there is a runner on 3rd he is still locked down on an overthrow to pitcher from catcher so a runner from 2nd cannot advance.
  • No stealing home on passed ball. (Locked down)
  • Free Substitutions
  • When a ball hit to the outfield is returned to the infield, and infielder has possession, runners can no longer advance without peril. If in the umpire’s judgement a runner is more than halfway to the next base that runner can continue to the next base at his/her own peril but if in the umpires judgement the runner is less than halfway the runner must go back to nearest base.
  • Coaches will be in full uniforms including team affiliation and unique identifying numbers and have the Cal Ripken Division shoulder patch or uniform cap with the Cal Ripken Division emblem affixed to it.
  • Four adult Coaches will be allowed on each team.
  • Two Umpires per game
  • Each team supplies two (2) baseballs per game and one (1) umpire fee (fee to be determined prior to tournament). * For Regional Tournaments
  • Awards will be given to the Champion and Runner Up teams




For updates throughout the tournament, please visit



We have arranged for Fine Designs to be on-site on Saturday, July 17th for players, families and guests to purchase a wide-variety of apparel, imprinted with tournament logo.  Fine Designs uses only the top-of-the line equipment to custom print apparel on-site.  Since they will only be available for one day, please plan accordingly.


Player banners will be available on Friday, 16th for sale for $15.00 (1  per  player). Makes a great keepsake!                                                                                                                                                                                                            


There will be a concession stand in operation throughout the tournament. We will offer a wide variety of foods during the tournament schedule.



Dunkin Donuts                                                                                                  Nephew’s

2 Chace Rd                                                                                                          2 Crossroads Dr

E. Freetown MA                                                                                                E. Freetown, MA


Assonet Roasters                                                                                             Barrett’s Alehouse

59 S. Main St.                                                                                                     4171 N. Main St.

Assonet, MA                                                                                                      Fall River, MA




Charlton Memorial Hospital                                                                         Southcoast Health Urgent Care

363 Highland Ave.                                                                                           450 William S. Canning Blvd.

Fall River, MA                                                                                                    Fall River, MA


Morton Hospital                                                                                               Compass Medical-Urgent Care

88 Washington St.                                                                                           8 Commerce Blvd.

Taunton, MA                                                                                                      Middleborough, MA


PDF of Schedule