Freetown Lakeville Baseball

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As an organization, the FLAA would like to thank all of those involved in this program from the managers and coaches to the people who track the games in the "book" to the board members that meet to discuss the league and make things fun and insightful for the players.

The 2016 season brought with it a tremendous amount of success for our teams, players and coaches.  In the information below you will see some statistics that are pretty outstanding at all levels of play within the All Stars season.  In addition to this, the regular season was one of great play and competition from all.

We are certain that the 2017 season will again be one of excitement and hard play.  Thank you players, coaches and all involved.  The work does not go unnoticed!

All Stars District Teams (A) that includes the teams from 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 year olds; 71 Wins, 20 losses, Outscored all opponents 904 to 472

12 Yr. Old Team: 10 wins 7 losses, 129-83 Runs

11 Yr. Old Team: 15 wins 4 losses, 201-79 Runs

District Champions! & New England Champions!

10 Yr. Old Team: 10 wins 5 losses, 90-48 Runs

West Bridgewater Tournament Champions!

9 Yr. Old Team: 20 wins 4 losses, 261-143 Runs

District Championship! State Championship! Dighton Tournament Championship!

& #2 Team in New England!

8 Yr. Old Team: 19 wins 3 losses

State Champions! & Jared Monti Raynham Tournament Champions!


In addition to these teams, there were several "B" teams that played their hearts out in their own tournaments.