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50/70 Program for Major League introduced for Spring '19
by posted 11/15/2018

50/70 Program for Major League introduced for Spring '19

Freetown-Lakeville Baseball is introducing the 50/70 Program for the Spring '19 season for Major League. 50/70 refers to the dimensions of a new baseball diamond size that provides a bridge between the Cal Ripken baseball field size and the conventional, or regulation field size at the Minor League level. The 50/70 Division allows leading and stealing as well. The Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken have stated in 2020 there will no longer be district, State, Regional, to the World Series Tournaments at the 46/60 field level. We the FLAA feel it is beneficial to start playing at this level now. We had the opportunity this past 2018 season to play these post season tournaments at the 50/70 level and our 11 and 12 year olds had lots of success!! They won a District, 2 State Championships, and 1 New England Regional Championship. our Major Leaguers move on to play at the Babe Ruth League level they make a significant jump to the regulation-size diamond, which is 60 ft 6 inches at the pitching plate and 90 ft bases ('60/90'). Many felt this jump was too severe and lobbied Cal Ripken for years to allow for an in-between diamond size with the pitching plate at 50 ft and the bases at 70 ft.

The 50/70 division utilizes a modified baseball field with a 50ft pitching distance and 70ft base paths. Our new divisional structure for League 11 and 12 players, based on the guidelines from Babe Ruth, will be as follows:

  • Majors 50/70 Division.  All League Age 12 players, and advanced skill 11 year olds (as determined by the annual pre-season evaluation).   All games are played on 50/70 fields.

  • Minors Division.  League Age 11 players who do not play in the Majors 50/70 Division, as well as League Age 10 players.  Games will be played on a 46/60 field.

FLAA believes that this will provide an opportunity for players to not only transition incrementally from a 46/60 field to a full-size 60/90 baseball field at League Age 13, but allow FLAA to adapt to the changing environment of youth baseball and leverage our past experiences and converted fields.  Plus, the 50/70 Baseball Division will enable players to play baseball in a fashion similar to the baseball watched on TV!  

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