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Upcoming Baseball Information
by posted 05/28/2020

                                                                     2020 Baseball Season Information 

Parents complete survey on FLAA COVID-19 Letter to let us know if your child will be playing this season

Players must sign waiver 

Baseball Activities could begin June 15th 

Games will begin Week of June 28th and end August 15th

Coaches will have COVID -19 safety guidelines to follow

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2020 FLAA Baseball Season Update
by posted 05/27/2020

To All Parents,

On behalf of the Freetown Lakeville Athletic Association’s Board of Directors, we would like to share what our hopeful outlook will be for the 2020 Season. 

The FLAA’s highest priority still remains the health, well-being, and safety of our players, families, volunteers, and fans. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate these unprecedented times. The FLAA asks you to focus on the guidelines set by the federal government and our state and local governments to make sure we are all committed to doing our best for the safety and well-being of the people that surround us. The 4 Phase process the Governor has implemented includes the start of youth sports activities in moderation at the beginning of Phase 2. If the State reaches Phase 2 on schedule we are looking to begin team practices at or around the week of June 15th. This will be the second week into Phase 2 so we can evaluate the rest of the State’s response entering the new Phase.  Teams will be allowed to practice with the guidelines recommended by the State and each town of Freetown and Lakeville Board of Health will have the final say and can make changes and modifications to guidelines for each town field.

To assist our League in preparing for the start of baseball we’ve created some guidelines for your consideration. These recommendations will not replace local and state health official guidelines, but rather give additional insight into potential items and suggested best practices to enhance everyone’s safety.


We would like to begin preparation for a potential season to begin once we reach Phase 3 at or around June 28th. In order for us to prepare and begin putting a schedule together, we would like each player/parent to complete the survey link below to confirm your son or daughter will play this summer. If you decide to play we would like the attached waiver to be completed and emailed back. This waiver is recommended and approved by the Babe Ruth Inc. which we are chartered under. For more information on Babe Ruth please visit their site at and COVID-19 League recommendations, you can follow the Babe Ruth website.


Please complete this survey to have your child play this Season or to request a refund by June 12th and indicate whether your child will play this season or if you will be requesting a refund. 


This Season was anticipated to begin on schedule, our League, had to conduct its necessary business in paying for League Insurance, the League’s Charter, field equipment and uniforms. The Board has met several times over the past few weeks and crafted a plan for our families should the season happen or not happen while also ensuring the financial viability of the League. We want to offer options to our families in regards to fees for this year while also ensuring the expenses already incurred for this season are paid.  After careful consideration, the Board voted to offer families the following options with regard to the registration fee for the 2020 season. We had to figure in the costs which come directly out of the registration fees. 


If your decision is to not have your child play please choose one of the following options for a refund:

1) Partial Refund for the 2020 Season 

2) Donate the registration fee to the FLAA


This includes the Babe Ruth Division. It is not too late to register for Babe Ruth. They are currently open until June 6th.  




The following guidelines will be implemented once Phase 2 begins and the FLAA believes it is safe to do so. 


June 15th- can have 25 players and coaches on a field or in the facility.


Coaches will need to wear a mask at all times on the field as with parents.


Players do not need to wear a mask while they are on the field but when they get off the field and maintain 6 ft on sidelines- they have to put the mask on. If parents prefer to have their child wear a mask, it is obviously allowed.


June 28-July 6th – time we can begin official games. 50 players and coaches will then be allowed on the field or at the facility.


Same distancing guidelines as Phase 2.


There will be absolutely no sharing of food or drink. If your child does not have their own helmet or bat please notify your coach so we can have enough equipment in the team bag. 


Social Distancing 

*All persons should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside.

*Face coverings or masks for all people are required on the grounds of the athletic complexes

Hygiene Protocols

*Provide hand washing capabilities throughout each complex

*Ensure frequent hand washing by volunteers and adequate supplies to do so

*Provide regular sanitization of high touch areas, such as workstations, equipment, screens,                  doorknobs, restrooms throughout each complex

Cleaning and Disinfecting 

*Establish and maintain cleaning protocols 

*If an active player or volunteer is diagnosed with COVID19, cleaning and disinfecting must be performed

*Disinfection of all common surfaces must take place numerous times throughout times of activities 

In our continuing effort to put our focus on League play, the Board of Directors will be evaluating each week’s news from the State Government and as the process of reopening Massachusetts continues, we will report back with future plans and specific guidelines for the baseball season.


The Freetown Lakeville Athletic Association

Board of Directors


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